Meet Carl Haase and Kimberly Arcado, a father/daughter duo with almost 60 years of printing and packaging experience between the two of them. In 2006, they created NVP with a simple concept . . . putting customer service and quality first and foremost, with the customers best interests always at heart. They started New Vintage with the intention of building long lasting relationships not only with their customers, but with their suppliers as well. They truly enjoy what they do, and continue to learn and grow with the industry, as printing technology changes and end users needs shifts.


Carl Haase

With over 40 years of printing experience, New Vintage Print is the latest in a long line of successes for Carl Haase. Starting in the printing industry in 1971 with Moore Business Forms, Carl decided to take the risk of becoming a business owner in 1983, when he and partners started Associated Business Products, a Santa Rosa based print distributorship. Sourcing print and developing supplier relationships was a huge part of Carl’s duties as a business owner, but his strong suit was creating long lasting relationships with his customers. At New Vintage Print, he continues to do just that, and he enjoys every minute of it. Hailing from Michigan, where he spends part of the year with his wife Joanie, he’s got a penchant for building stuff, poker games and occasional fishing trips, although he draws the line at the ever difficult “night fishing.” Hey, it’s hard to bait a hook in the dark! Carl is an avid lover of wine and good food and enjoys sharing it with family and friends.

Kim Arcado

Being Carl’s daughter means that ink runs through Kim’s veins, as she was born into the print industry and started “working” for Associated Business Products at the tender age of 9. Child labor laws aside (just kidding), Kim worked as a sales assistant at ABP during school breaks through high school and college. She attended the University of San Diego and graduated in 1997 with two degrees: A BA in Communication Studies and a BA in Sociology. Although she loved San Diego, she returned to Sonoma County and went to work for a CD ROM replicator/packaging company based out of Hong Kong. You can thank her personally for all of those AOL discs you received in the mail in the late 90’s – early ’00s, as the company she worked for produced 30 million of those a month! Her 8 years at Prime Optical Disc took her to Hong Kong, China, Geneva, Milan, Toronto, Miami, and Washington DC, as well as yearly trips to Las Vegas. This spurned a love for travel and to see new things. Kim enjoys spending time with family and friends, good wine, good food, the smell of fresh baked cookies, tulips, Maui and cheering on her San Francisco Giants.